I Painted My Cat Purple O.O (100 Word Story)

This is the story of how I painted my cat purple. You see, I was home alone and rather bored. So, I decided to paint. For some reason, I wasn’t satisfied with painting flowers.Just so happened that my cat was next to me when an idea struck me. I contemplated between painting her red or blue, so I decided to mix both colours. My cat didn’t seem to like it though. I wonder why. Just imagine the look on my parents’ face when they came home. You can be certain that I was never left at home alone again.


A Thief…Or Was It? (Short Story)

I wrote this story about a year or two ago. Enjoy!

It was cold and rainy night. The streetlights weren’t working…again. She was shivering and soaking. Her new favourite sneakers were soggy. What was she doing out here, you ask? Well, she dropped her car keys and came out to find them, but the only problem was that she could not find them. Out of the blue, (If there was blue, everything was pitch black!) she heard a noise. She turned her head only to see a man dressed in black behind her! She ran as fast and as far as she could. She finally stopped running and hid behind a tree. She frantically searched her handbag for her handphone. She found it and with a shaky hand she quickly called the police. “Hello?” she said. “Hello. Loyston Police Station. How can I help you?”said a lady. “ I am Cynthia. There’s a thief near…”Cynthia started to say. She never finished her sentence as her phone died. “How dumb can I be?”she said to herself. “First, I forget to charge my phone and then I don’t bring my power bank. Arrrgh!” Suddenly, a hand grabbed her shoulder. “Let me go! I may be a teenager, but I am an American! I have rights, you know!” Cynthia yelled as she struggled. “Ahem,” said the thief. “I am not going to hurt you. Why would I do that?” asked the confused thief. “Huh?” said Cynthia as she took a good look at the thief… or was it the thief? It was Cynthia’s twin brother Kyle. He came out to help her look for her keys. “Oops,” said an embarrassed Cynthia. “My bad.” They spent ten minutes after that looking for her key which they successfully found under her car engine. Then, they went into the house together and laughed about the incident as they drank mugs of hot chocolate and marshmallows.