Plane Hacks (Ear Popping)

I really don’t like it when that happens. It’s so annoying and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, it happens to me all the time. So due to experience, I have tips that can solve/ease the problem.

It happens during flights because of the change in air pressure.

1.Chew on gum or a mint.


3.Rub your earlobes.

4.Let it pop naturally. Otherwise, you can get ear problems like infections.

5. Yawn

6. Pinch and blow your nose.

I know this post was short but I hope it helped!


Travel Tips

Hello to the people of the internet! This post is about travel tips (duh, it literally says so in the title…) for packing, jet lag, airport hacks and more. Let’s get into it!


1.Pack what’s necessary. You wouldn’t bring heels to go on a camping trip right? Pack comfy clothing that’s easy to match.

2.Roll your clothes. It actually saves a lot more space than folding.

3. Bring minimum jewellery. That’s one thing I have a weakness for. Don’t bring unnecessary jewellery that you won’t use.

4. Bring hotel shampoo for short trips. It comes in small bottles and saves space.


1.Wear comfortable shoes. Sneakers and closed shoes are the best. You’re bound to be walking a lot.

2.Bring a jacket. Planes are cold… and it makes a good pillow

3.Wear loose comfortable clothing for long or overnight flights.

4.Keep your watch, jewellery and belt in your bag until you pass the checkpoint. It’s a lot easier.

5. Buy or make your own eyemask if you have trouble sleeping with the lights on.

6.Bring a book or download movies and songs to entertain yourself on the flight.

7. Jet lag is horrible. Get rest before your flight. Sleep according to the time in that country and the same goes for waking up.


1.Research before you go. Find out more about the country and learn the language.

2.Bring necessities along in a backpack (easy to carry) such as sunblock, sunglasses, lip balm, water and others.

3.Get a map. You don’t want to get lost.

4.You don’t have to pay to see sites. There are plenty of free yet cool sites to visit.


1.Don’t leave anything precious behind.

2.You don’t necessarily have to buy a souvenir. a rock, photo or something which brings back memories will do.

3.Keep photos. Write a journal. Capture moments.


That’s all for now 🙂 I hope this was helpful.