Easy Room Decor

Most of these are ideas. I will post the diy tutorials throughout next week 🙂

2017-03-22 (10)1.I used a seashell to keep my frequently worn earrings. It’s simple and stylish.

2017-03-22 (11)2.Which girl doesn’t love dreamcatchers? I bought this one but you can easily make your own. Some people believe that they keep away nightmares but I believe they look nice *laughs at own joke*

2017-03-22 (12)3.Candles!! The scented ones are even better. I love collecting them even though my parents won’t let me light them in my room…

2017-03-22 (14)4.Glitter jars! I’ll post the diy next. The video is up on my instagram (bluecocacola2) 🙂

2017-03-22 (2)5.My mum loves to do mosaic. She let me use a few of her tiles to paint on. Simple and nice!

2017-03-22 (1)6.DIY speaker coming soon! 🙂 🙂

2017-03-22 (9)7.I used letters from magazines to make a poster.

2017-03-228.I made this bear by myself *pats self on back*. Tutorial next week!

2017-03-22 (8)9.My parents bought this necklace stand for me. It’s a good way to keep your necklaces from getting tangled.

2017-03-22 (7)2017-03-22 (5)2017-03-22 (6)2017-03-22 (4)2017-03-22 (3)10.I used a card that looks pretty and put it in an empty picture frame.

That’s all for now! Can’t wait to post the tutorials next!!














What I Like and Dislike About School

Heyyo! Before I begin, I just wanted to apologise for my lack of posting. I went from posting daily to once a week… I’ve been really busy lately. Like any other student, I have school, extra-curricular activities, activities outside of school and a whole lot of HOMEWORK. This is why I decided to post about what I like and dislike about school.


1.Seeing my friends (they’re probably the no.1 reason that I bother going to school)

2.Nice teachers

3. PE (I like it)

4. Co-curriculum=FUN


6.Clubs and sports

7.The first step to success in life *thumbs up*


1.Not so friendly teachers


3.The bathrooms (this is why I never go to them)


5. The hot uniforms

6.Stuffy classes

7.The bullies (I’m scared of them even though they don’t know me)

Comment if you found this relatable 🙂

About Me

This post is basically just to get to know me better O.O

I am a teenage girl. I like reading, writing, making stuff, hanging out with friends and playing with my dog. I have one sibling. I can’t run. I prefer swimming and playing badminton. My favourite song at the moment is Stay by Zedd and Alessia Cara. My favourite singers are Shawn Mendes, Alessia Cara, The Chainsmokers, Daya and Sabrina Carpenter. My favourite subjects in school are English and Math. My favourite board games are Blokus and Word with Friends (like Scrabble but you don’t have to take turns).  i love spaghetti and I like to eat bread plain (so weird). I’m that weird kid who like spelling, taking notes in class and homework. I love taking photos and writing stories. When I grow up, I want to be an author or a journalist. This blog is a step for me to pursue me dream. I prefer savoury over sweet, day over night and invisibility over teleportation. My favourite colour is either blue or red. I have red converse and a winter jacket that I have only worn once.

So the last two facts were pretty random…. I hope you got to know me better!


Hola! This random post is going to be about relatable stuff. You’ll see what I mean.

1.Pressing the microwave button to end at 00.01 ._. It’s extremely irritating

2. When you have a super dream that you thought was real until you woke up…

3.Trying to go back to sleep to finish your amazing dream

4.When someone cuts in front of you when you’re walking and walks at such a slow pace that you almost bump into them. This happens to me very often unfortunately.

5.Pretending to be in a music video when your fav song comes on in the car.

6.Your face when you text someone ‘HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I’m laughing so hard!!!!’

7.When a phone rings in your dream and it turns out it was your alarm (my alarm is a duck so… that’s an awkward ringtone)

8.When your parents mix up you and your siblings name and you aren’t even twins!

9.Looking good in the mirror but never in selfies.

10. Static hair  ._.

11.Writing a list of 10000 things to do and only doing 2.

12.Making intros to youtube videos you will never do.

13.The acoustics in the shower are up top.

14. Setting a time to go and leaving half and hour after that.

15. That friends who takes stuff without asking.

16. When your siblings borrow your clothes.

17.Watching food vids at 1 am and getting hungry.

18.Losing the page you were reading

19. Oreo cream 🙂 🙂

20.Getting all these great ideas for diys you know you won’t do

That’s it for now. Who knows I may add more to the list? Comment which ones you do!

Pros and Cons of Getting a Dog

Hey guys! Since my previous post got a lot more views than usual, I decided to do another pros and cons list. This time it’s about dogs! Who doesn’t love dogs? Some people are allergic to them, yes I know. I’m one of them, but I really wanted a dog so my family and I got a hypoallergenic dog. For those of you who don’t know, that means it’s fur doesn’t shed. My dog’s fur needs to be trimmed about once a month. Examples of hypoallergenic dogs are a poodle,maltese,portuguese water dog, giant schnauzer and an afghan hound.

I myself have a pet poodle. She’s adorable and super friendly. She loves licking and playing fetch. 2017-02-24-2That’s her. Isn’t she cute?

Well.. that was a very long introduction. Let’s go straight to the list then!


1.Man’s best friend (what else can I say?)

2. You can become more responsible.

3. Lonely? Dogs love company!

4. Loyal. They will never leave your side.

5. Did you know that dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression than others?

6. You get more exercise. Your dog needs to be walked and played with often. You can benefit from that too!

7. Less stress. My dog is very therapeutic. Just cuddling her makes all my worries go away!


1.Dogs should be trained from a young age. If not, you are more likely to have trouble controlling it.

2.Dogs are messy. What can I say? Way too many times I’ve found torn up tissue paper on the carpet.

3.They need a lot of attention. If you work the whole day, please for the dog’s sake don’t leave it alone in a cage.

4.Pee. My dog pees when she gets way too excited. Guess who has to clean it up?*sighs*

5. Dogs aren’t cheap. You have to spay them, feed them and groom them. But in my opinion, they’re worth every penny 🙂

So, I had way too many pros and couldn’t think of enough cons, but I think we all know how loving dogs are and no more explanation needed. Remember, don’t choose a dog but let the dog choose you 🙂

Pros and Cons of Short Hair

Hey guys! I’m sorry that I’ve been super unactive, but I forgot my password for the 27th time… (such a lame excuse). Anyway, I actually just cut my hair. I donated it to make wigs for cancer patients (it takes 8-12 ponytails to make a wig, so please donate it if you ever cut your hair). It took me about a week to decide wether to cut it or not, but I’m glad I decided to cause not only do I get a new look but someone else will too 🙂

Here’s a list of the pros and cons of short hair


1.Easy to wash

2.Easy to maintain

3.No need to worry about your ponytail

4.No hair stuck to the back of your neck

5.Fast to dry


1.Gets in the way when you bend your neck

2.Frizz (no need further elaboration :p The struggle is real)

3.If you’ve had long hair for a long time whenever you sweat, by habit you try to tie your hair (I’ve done this so many times and it’s only been 5 days!)

4.I have this other habit of squeezing the water out of my hair after my bath which now I can’t do with short hair

5. Puffy. My hair always sticks out when I tuck it behind my ear)


The reason that I decided to make this list is because of my difficulty deciding to cut my hair or not. Hope this was helpful and, yes I will try to post more often. 🙂 🙂