DIY Memory Wire Bracelet (Wrap around)

For those of you who don’t know what bracelet this is, you can get more info on my other blog

This tutorial is really really easy! You just need the right tools and your creativity!

2017-03-19 (5)You will need:

-Beads of your choice preferably use some seed beads

-needle nose pliers and wire cutters

-memory wire

2017-03-19 (2)Bend the first end of the wire into a loop using the needle nose pliers (the wire cutters are for cutting the memory wire to your desired length)

Here is the fun part! Design and use the beads of your choice (more tips about different beads on my jewellery blog). End it with another loop at the end.

2017-03-19 (1)2017-03-192017-03-19 (3)2017-03-19 (4)I made 2 bracelets. I honestly prefer the black one. Which one do you like? Comment your thoughts! 🙂



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