What I Like and Dislike About School

Heyyo! Before I begin, I just wanted to apologise for my lack of posting. I went from posting daily to once a week… I’ve been really busy lately. Like any other student, I have school, extra-curricular activities, activities outside of school and a whole lot of HOMEWORK. This is why I decided to post about what I like and dislike about school.


1.Seeing my friends (they’re probably the no.1 reason that I bother going to school)

2.Nice teachers

3. PE (I like it)

4. Co-curriculum=FUN


6.Clubs and sports

7.The first step to success in life *thumbs up*


1.Not so friendly teachers


3.The bathrooms (this is why I never go to them)


5. The hot uniforms

6.Stuffy classes

7.The bullies (I’m scared of them even though they don’t know me)

Comment if you found this relatable 🙂


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