Divergent Series Book Review (Spoilers)

2017-03-01-1Like any other teenage girl, I love to read novels. My favourites are YA(young adult) and science fiction.

I actually read this book about 2 years ago. I’ve reread it about 6 times by now. That’s how good it is. When I started reading it the whole series was complete. I got the story of Four (idk what to call it) from a friend from my birthday last year. You have to read it if you have not. Yes, the book is better than the movie. It is more detailed.

This review is based on my opinion. You’re welcome to share your opinions in the comments.

Divergent is the first book. It was suspenseful and thrilling. My favourite scene was probably about Christina’s fear of moths. I laughed so hard. The only thing I didn’t think was necessary was Will’s death. Surely Tris could’ve shot him in the leg or something. I can understand why Al committed suicide and I wasn’t very fond of him anyway. Tris and Four’s relationship was goals (like who doesn’t have a boyfriend who throws knives at your ear?), but was too obvious. Tris getting ranked 1st was also way too obvious.

Insurgent was really interesting. Lots of drama and suspense. It’s probably my favourite book. I honestly prefer Tris with long hair. I think the author had more experience from writing the first book, so I felt as though this book was better. I’m glad Christina and Tris made up at the end. My favourite part in this book was when Tris was at the Erudite headquarters. I still can’t believe that Peter helped her and that Caleb was a traitor, but I can believe that Peter would make sure he didn’t owe anyone. It’s weird but it seems like something Peter would do. The break in the headquarters with Marcus later was a bit confusing to me. I’m just glad that Tobias believed her at the end.

Allegiant was my least favourite book. It was confusing and tragic. I also hate change, so I wasn’t very happy when they left the city. The only change that I really liked was adding Tobias’ point of view. It made me understand what he was thinking at that time. A lot of deaths were unnecessary, such as Tori’s death or Uriah’s and even Tris’. I cried when she died. There was really no point to it other than making the readers become majorly emotional. I can’t imagine how Tobias would feel. I’m glad he overcame one fear at the end though. I still like to imagine what would’ve happened if Tris was alive.

Four was a nice sequel(let’s just call it that even if it’s not). I liked the small scenes with Tobias’ point of view and his background story. It was just too short.

The next book I need should be about what would’ve happened if Tris was alive or at least Tobias’ life after that.

So that was a long review. Share your thoughts in the comments! Thank you for actually bothering to read this long post about what I (a nobody) thought of a book.

(I’m also thinking of writing short stories or fanfiction on this blog. Let me know in the comments if I should)



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