Pros and Cons of Getting a Dog

Hey guys! Since my previous post got a lot more views than usual, I decided to do another pros and cons list. This time it’s about dogs! Who doesn’t love dogs? Some people are allergic to them, yes I know. I’m one of them, but I really wanted a dog so my family and I got a hypoallergenic dog. For those of you who don’t know, that means it’s fur doesn’t shed. My dog’s fur needs to be trimmed about once a month. Examples of hypoallergenic dogs are a poodle,maltese,portuguese water dog, giant schnauzer and an afghan hound.

I myself have a pet poodle. She’s adorable and super friendly. She loves licking and playing fetch. 2017-02-24-2That’s her. Isn’t she cute?

Well.. that was a very long introduction. Let’s go straight to the list then!


1.Man’s best friend (what else can I say?)

2. You can become more responsible.

3. Lonely? Dogs love company!

4. Loyal. They will never leave your side.

5. Did you know that dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression than others?

6. You get more exercise. Your dog needs to be walked and played with often. You can benefit from that too!

7. Less stress. My dog is very therapeutic. Just cuddling her makes all my worries go away!


1.Dogs should be trained from a young age. If not, you are more likely to have trouble controlling it.

2.Dogs are messy. What can I say? Way too many times I’ve found torn up tissue paper on the carpet.

3.They need a lot of attention. If you work the whole day, please for the dog’s sake don’t leave it alone in a cage.

4.Pee. My dog pees when she gets way too excited. Guess who has to clean it up?*sighs*

5. Dogs aren’t cheap. You have to spay them, feed them and groom them. But in my opinion, they’re worth every penny 🙂

So, I had way too many pros and couldn’t think of enough cons, but I think we all know how loving dogs are and no more explanation needed. Remember, don’t choose a dog but let the dog choose you 🙂


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