PicsArt Tiny Planet Tutorial

Haiiiii people! I’m like super hyper right now!!!! So, I was in the mood to post again (surprisingly :D), but I had nothing to post. So…. I decided to do a edit tutorial again! These are really easy and super fun. I learn how to make them on PicsArt. Enough chitchat. Let’s do it!

2016-10-26-102017-02-28-2Step 1

Choose an image! A landscape portrait of a city skyline is the best. 2017-02-28-1Step 2

Go to effects and choose distort (3rd from bottom in the picture above)

2017-02-28-22017-02-28-1Step 3

Select tiny planet. Zoom in, blur, shift(I didn’t change this) and rotate the picture. 2017-02-282017-02-28

Step 4

That’s it! Once you’re happy with it you can save it and show off your awesome editing skills *wink wink*



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