PicsArt Coloured Hair Tutorial

Hey guys! As the title says^, today I will be doing a PicsArt Coloured Hair Tutorial šŸ™‚ I follow PicsArt on Instagram and was kinda confused by the tutorial. Oh well, I figured it out. I hope you guys will try it!2016-10-26-10

2016-10-26-5Step 1

Select an image (I just cut my hair :p). Open draw (It’s down there. The paintbrush icon).


2016-10-26-6Step 2

Select a colour.

2016-10-26-4Step 3

Change your brush shape and size to what you are comfortable with.

2016-10-26-3Step 4

Colour!!! Try to colour as neatly as possible. I’m not so great at that, am I?


2016-10-26-2Step 5

Change that thingy (I don’t know what to call it) :p

2016-10-26-1Step 6

Erase excess colour and imperfections. I was quite happy with this.

2016-10-26Step 7


This edit is quite easy. I managed to do it in about 5 minutes. Try it yourself!


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