Fairy Light Jar

2016-10-25Whoa! I’m on a posting spree (lol). I found this diy on Instagram and… I like it. It looks really cool. I didn’t expect those spots to turn up, but it kinda gives it an effect. sadly, i didn’t take any photos while doing this diy (cause I did it at night :p). Read the steps below. 🙂

Step 1

Get a jar

Step 2

Use tape the part of the jar where you want a shape.

Step 3

Cut out the shape and peel of the excess tape. Now, your shape is covered in tape. My heart doesn’t look so neat :p

Step 4

Spray paint!!

Step 5

Once it’s dry, peel of the rest of the tape.

Step 6

Put in and turn on the fairy lights! Try it out 🙂 Got this idea from ventunoart on Instagram.


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