DIY Terrarium

imageHey guys. I just made a terrarium! Some of you would ask what is a terrarium. A terrarium is literally a garden in a bowl (in my terms😏😂). I made an underwater one- as shown above. What do you think? It wasn’t very easy to do. Probably cause I made a mistake. I got it perfect at my second attempt. This is how to make your own underwater terrarium.


-glass jar/bowl



-aquatic plants

-fish ( optional just make sure they’re small. Guppies are the best)

Step 1

Clean your jar. Then, add in the soil. You can determine how much you need. I used about 1 or 2 inches. I would recommend doing this on the floor with a newspaper underneath. It can get rather messy😂 😂

Step 2

Gently put in your plants. If you are adding fish, there should be enough room for it to swim. I added an underwater thingy here. Yeah that little barrel. I’m not sure what it’s called😂.

Step 3

Place the pebbles so they cover the exposed soil. Step 4

Slowly and carefully pour in the water. Make sure the water has no chlorine. I made a mistake here and pour the water in roughly. It made the soil loose and the water murky. So I redid the entire thing.

Step 5

Finally you can add your poor traumatised fish in. I would recommend adding just 4 or 5 fish in. Warning: not all of them will survive😢

Ta da! And now you have your own terrarium!! Comment and tell me how you did it. 😊😊



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